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Updating rooted g1 phone

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When I say Android phone in this article, I mean any phone manufacturer/model that uses the operating system; it doesn’t have to be labeled an “Android phone”.Unlike jailbreaking (equivalent to rooting) an i Phone, i Pod Touch, or i Pad, you can search for and download apps that require rooting directly from the official Android Market.First of all, installing the custom ROM will void your warranty if any.Also, there might be a chance that, you may brick your phone if things won’t go smoothly.In the last shot, it worked, I still don't know which factor made the difference.In any case, before the last successful downgrade, I certainly did a complete FAT32 reformating, the image was the only file on the disk and the downloading to SD card was done on windows.Some people had NFC inside their smartphones — but were unable to use it because the OS didn’t let them.A lot of us wanted to take screen captures so we could include images of apps or settings in our articles — but that wasn’t easy to do, and usually required a 3rd-party app and root-level permissions.

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In contrast, Apple doesn’t allow apps that require jailbreaking to be listed in the App Store.

The second gen and third gen phones have already received the Android 6.0 Marshmallow update.

If you have the Moto G 1st generation phone and still want to get the Android 6.0 on your phone, you still have a choice.

When we’re talking smartphones and tablets, “rooting” in Android is often compared to Jailbreaking in i OS. It’s why I’ve advocated that users unlock their devices and root them right away! But let’s pause for a moment and look at some legitimate reasons why you might want to rooting your phone.

Though there are significant distinctions between the two, the end result is the same: being able to use your device how and where you want without your OEM, Carrier, or anyone else getting in your way. In the “olden days” of Android — you know, two or three years ago — there were a lot of things you couldn’t do with your stock device.