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These dissertations are hosted by Pro Quest and are free full-text access to University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus connections and off-campus users with UNL IDs. Non-UNL users may also request Interlibrary Loan access via their local or institutional libraries.University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ph D candidates are required to deposit dissertations with Pro Quest via procedures established by the Graduate School (see Want to know which COF dining halls will accept your meal plan?How about which gyms and clubs are open to you besides the ones at your home school? Some amenities are accessible on a school to school basis, so find your school and learn about what is available to you!

1883), the Leslie County Center, and the Knott County Branch.The interactive activities we describe below encourage students to learn by either engaging in an activity on their own or collaborating with their peers. A more comprehensive rubric could be employed such as this one: Interactive Learning Assessment Rubric This exercise could also be tied in with the historic development of the Geologic Time Scale, noting how the Time Scale was first developed using only relative dating techniques, and how the effort to pin absolute dates on specific boundaries has often been complicated by the inability to use a single method (since sedimentary rocks can rarely be dated directly). Because individual and collaborative activities have different characteristics, we outline some points you may want to consider before adding an activity of either type to your course. Which rock unit is most likely to be datable by Uranium-Lead or Potassium-Argon? The goal of this exercise is to enable students to move beyond a simple lab exercise to an investigation from which they can develop an understanding of the real issues involved in dating and correlating rocks and fossils. HCTC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).Convenient locations in eastern Kentucky Hazard Community and Technical College (HCTC) consists of several campus locations as well as offering classes online.Texas A&M will also communicate important emergency information with local television and radio outlets.